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Members of Regina Car Share may have already noticed the upgraded booking system when they sign in to book a car. The booking system (formally known as Engage) is provided by Modo, the car sharing co-op in Vancouver.

It's worth pointing out that if you're interested in using a car share fleet in another city with a car sharing organization, please let us know so we can set up a reciprocal agreement so Regina Car Share members can use the other fleet too.

- As of July 2011, 26 U.S. carsharing programs claimed 560,572 members
sharing 10,019 vehicles.

- As of July 2011, 78,840 members shared 2,605 vehicles among 20 carsharing
organizations in Canada.

Stats courtesy of

RCS increased in membership by about 15% over this Summer.

Yours in Sharing,

John Klein
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Regina Car Share Co-operative is pleased to be supported by Saskatchewan Credit Unions, and our other generous sponsors.

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