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The Beginning

The idea of the Regina Car Share Co-operative was born mid 2000s when people in Regina gathered to discuss alternative transportation. Some people in Regina were already familiar with the concept of Car Sharing; we had read the websites of many of the successful Car Sharing Cooperatives in Ontario, BC, the U.S. and Europe. For some people, however, car sharing was an entirely new concept.

The idea became one step closer to reality in early 2007 when a small group of dedicated people submitted funding proposals to both the federal and the provincial government. The hard work paid off in the fall of 2007 when we learned that our proposals were approved for funding. At that point we gathered interested people to a start up meeting, where we decided that incorporating as a co-operative was the way we wanted to go. However, incorporating turned out to be a challenge. The concept of Car Sharing was new to the provincial government and we sure got a taste of how it felt to break new ground! We never gave up, however, and have been operating fully as Saskatchewan's first car sharing service since late 2009.

Board of Directors and Executive (and some biographical information about each):

John Klein - President
John is an IT Support Analyst with the University of Regina, and has a Computer Science degree after completing the co-operative education program. He spent 3 years working in Yorkton for Parkland Regional Library and served as President on the CUPE Local at that workplace. He moved back to Regina in 2007. He's originally from Wood Mountain, SK. He takes the bus, walks, uses his bike, and is happy to be making sure a shared vehicle is always an online booking away...

Chris Soucie - Vice President/ Treasurer
Chris joined the board in June, 2009

James Dennis and Mitch Serbu - joined the board in December, 2016

Lacey Weekes, joined August 2013. Leon Toland, Malin Hansen rejoined in 2015.

You can contact any person on the executive/board here.

If you're interested in serving on the board, we're always looking for new volunteers.

Some of the past board members to volunteer with Regina Car Share include:

Mark Cazakoff, and Kelly Liberet (Secretary) both joined as Directors, on December 7, 2011. They left the Board in 2014

Brittany Shewchuk joined in 2014 and left in August 2016.

Alyssa Becker-Burns joined September, 2013.

Lori Reichert - Board
Lori joined the board in June, 2009.

Louise Kilby - Board
Joined June 22, 2012; Stepped down June 28, 2013.

Kim Kovacs, joined the board on December 7, 2011 and performed a wide array of administrative and other assistance for the co-op through 2015.

Alyssa Becker-Burns served September, 2013 to February 2016

Jennipher Karst - Board
Jennipher is a conservationist who works full time towards conservation and has been with RCS since its inception.

Rick Morrell - Board
The owner of Eat Healthy Foods grocery store, Rick has worked with the co-op as a board member, and as a consultant.

Curtis Wiebe - Board
Curtis represents Stantec, a business member of the co-operative. He joined the board in October 2010.

Malin Hansen - Board
Malin is a biologist who has been a driving force behind RCS since its inception.

Heather Russell - Board
Heather is an IT consultant and was with RCSC since its inception.

Lara Forbes - Board
Lara grew up in Regina and returned after being away in BC for 8 years.  Lara has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Systems Engineering from the University of Regina and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia.  She has served on the board of directors for a non-profit youth organization in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.

Laura Pfeifer
Has an M.Sc from McGill University focusing on urban environments and has been active in Regina’s urban community regarding issues of built heritage.

Mark Bunney
A Regina teacher, father and cyclist.

Megan Lyster
An activist and mother.

Erin Laing
Erin is an epidemiologist who served on the board for over a year after the founding meetings for the co-operative.

Shawn Fraser
Shawn was among the first people to organize the founding meetings for the co-operative and twice served on its board. He left RCSC to serve as the Executive Director of Carmichael Outreach.

Dorian King
Dorian served as the co-operative's first president after the first AGM.

Ashley Tysdal
Ashley, a University of Regina student at the time, attended the founding meetings for the co-operative.

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